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San Diego's Smart City And Cybersecurity Cluster Means Smart Is Safe  

Vault Exposure Tracker is a web-based platform that captures data around the toxic exposures firefighters face every day. The system integrates with 911-dispatch... read more

IoT Startup Receives Seed Funding to Battle Firefighter Cancer Rates  

Innovative company aggregates data to track firefighters' exposure to carcinogens... read more

Toxic Smoke Forces Firefighter To Retire, But He’s Not Done Protecting Others

Firefighter Clive Savacool battled his final blaze, a grass fire in Pittsburg, California, in March 2014. He collapsed after a few hours on the scene and spent the next couple days in a hospital... read more

Smartphone app aims to protect firefighters

Layton firefighters are the first in Utah to start using a new app, aimed at tracking their exposure to hazardous situations.... read more

Barnidge: One firefighter's career-ending ailment inspires an idea for helping others

Former Contra Costa battalion chief creates online service to monitor exposure to hazardous elements .... read more

The States that Don’t Protect Sick Firefighters  

First responders get cancer at higher rates, but in some states, they battle for benefits and struggle to prove that their illnesses were work-related. Mounting evidence suggests many firefighters do get cancer from the toxins they encounter in burning homes, but the connection can be difficult to prove... read more

University of Miami to study why so many Palm Beach Firefighters get Cancer  

According to a 2013 study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, firefighters have a higher risk of digestive, oral, respiratory, and urinary system cancers than the general population. Statistics compiled by the International Association of Firefighters show that by the age of 60, twice as many firefighters died from cancer than heart attacks, the biggest killer among most Americans... read more


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